From a collection of pictures of Sergey Mihajlov

From a collection of pictures of Sergey Mihajlov's

Computer translation from Russian.

Recently, looking through files of a computer, I have come across a folder with fairy tales which has written in 1991 for the nephews and nieces.
For one year I have composed 365 fairy tales. It was some kind of experiment - whether I can compose per day on a fairy tale. Could. It was the most interesting year in my life. An event I looked at all through a prism of a possible(probable) plot for a fairy tale.

Fairy tales are written by circulation of 6 copies. I typed(collected) the text all over again on MICROSHA, the first Russian household computer, then on БК1001. Unpacked(printed out) on the first Russian jet printer.

Do not judge strictly, in literary institute did not study. On Russian for all time of study there was one five. For exercise which I was not too lazy to roll at the honours pupil.

I shall be glad, if my creativity to like your children, and those who writes scripts for cartoon films, films, children's holidays, сomputer games.
January, 10, 2004.


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Fairy tale № 001


Somehow at daybreak, when the moon should give up the place to the sun, she(it) has seen, how on a wheaten field boys and girls have run out.
- About - «-«. A great field! - have told guys unanimously.
- Колоски have already ripened, allow, we shall collect them.
- Good - «-« - the field - wheat поспе-е-ела has tenderly rustled,
поспе-е-ела. Was born хоро-о-ший a crop, хоро-о-ший a crop. Only I ask you, collect wheat with пе-е-снями, with пе-е-е-снями.
Guys have started to collect wheat and to sing. First it is silent, shy, and then all is more amicable and more amicable, and fast above a field flew звонкие songs, and a wind and колоски to them echoed:
- At - O-O-O-O, ш-ш-ш-ш-ш, at - O-O-O-O, ш-ш-ш-ш-ш.
- As it is a pity, that I shall not see, that guys will do(make) with wheat - the moon has thought and has not begun to cry nearly.

- Well all right, well. Today I allow to remain to you in the sky together with me - the sun has stately answered.
The joyful moon began to look, how guys reap a crop from a field and fall asleep it(him) in bags.

When guys have reaped all crop the mountain of bags of a grain has turned out. Have tried guys to inform bags up to a mill, but could not, very much they were heavy. But here because of clouds the solar beam has appeared. It(he) has told:
- There behind a hill on a meadow are grazed the horsy. They will help you. Guys on a meadow have run and began to ask:
- Lovely the horsy! You such beautiful, you such strong. Help us to inform wheat up to a mill.
- We are glad to you to help - Have answered the horsy. Sit on us and we shall take you to a field.
Have arrived on a field. The horsy have lain, and guys have put him(it) bags on backs. Have risen the horsy, and bags on the spot got. What to do(make)? Guys thought, thought and could not think up. But here because of clouds has appeared solar лучик. It(he) has told: " Put from each side of the horsy on a bag, throw a cord through a back of the horsy and adhere to their ends bags.
And have made guys. The horsy have risen and have incurred(carried) bags on a hill where there was a mill.

Guys the first bag in millstones, and a mill not мелет fell asleep. A wind is not present. Have tried to blow on a mill, yes where there. Tried to twist millstones, yes силенок did not suffice. Here from for clouds the solar beam has appeared. It(he) has told: " Wear out all bags in a mill and hide there ". Only guys came into a mill, has pulled a breeze. With each second it(he) all became stronger and stronger. The wind-driven generator has waved the huge hands, millstones have begun to creak and began to grind a flour(torment). And the wind all blows more strongly, and the mill all is faster мелет.
The wind is even stronger also a mill even faster мелет. The wind already has turned to hurricane, and a mill about - го-u«, only have time to substitute bags under a flour(torment).
When last bag of a grain has turned to a flour(torment), the wind has on the spot calmed down.

Have shipped guys bags with a flour(torment) on лошадок, and have gone to a huge hole the filled water that from it(her) to make a huge saucepan. Guys as all water from a hole to take out began to think. Tried boots to take out, but water is not diminished. Tried buckets to take out, but water is not diminished. Has looked out because of clouds solar лучик and speaks:
- I shall help you. So I shall heat up water, that she(it) all to evaporate.
All beams from the sky in one mighty beam have gathered. It(he) so has strongly heated up water, that she(it) has quickly turned in pairs. Pairs has risen up to the sky and became a huge cloud.
The mighty beam has warmed a clay bottom of a hole, and it became strong as a stone.
- Ur! Now we have huge saucepan - have cried guys
For pleasure.
- Only she(it) not so pure(clean) - has told one girl and has shouted: " эй тучка, it is a little fields in our saucepan дождика, we should wash her(it).
Has heard тучка and has watered pure(clean) дождиком a saucepan. And girls
Have washed its(her) basts from straw.

Guys began to pour out a flour(torment) in this huge saucepan, and girls
Have gone on a meadow where cows were grazed.
- Lovely коровки! We want to bake a tasty pie, a huge pie and to treat with him(it) of all people. Give us, please, some milk.
- Му-у-у! For the sake of such affair why to give.
There were cows with girls to a huge saucepan. Доят girls
And songs sing cows, that milk was tasty, and boys carry
Buckets with milk also pour out directly in a saucepan. Already a floor of lake
Milk, and how many still лить do not know. Guys look at the sky, and
The sun is silent.
The moon has become agitated: " That you will not prompt to guys how many
Milk лить "? - she(it) has told the sun.
- Let pour, still more many - the sun has answered.
- Who will want, there is a pie if for it(him) is not correct to prepare? You see it is necessary in to add both eggs, and salt and granulated sugar and yeast and a stuffing, and from above маслицем to spread...
- And if you know how to be going, prompt - has told the sun.
- I know. That - that and to be going I am able and I like - have answered the moon
To the sun.

The moon to guys has addressed:
- Lovely ребятки. You should collect cream from milk and to make of them oil. It is necessary to ask one million eggs for chickens, and also it is necessary yeast, salt and sugar and корицы. Guys were divided(shared) into groups and have gone to extract that the moon asked.
The staying лошадок the moon has asked to go to речке to wash the копытца. While they washed them, solar лучик and lunar лучик have weaved a carpet from the river up to a saucepan that the horsy have not soiled the legs when will go back.
And when horsy came, the moon has told them:
- Jump in a saucepan and mix a flour(torment) with milk.
Oh, and difficult this work - to knead a dough.
Oh, and difficult this work - to break one million eggs.
Oh, and difficult this work - to force down oil.
Oh, it is difficult to bakee such huge pie.
But as easily, when all together and with a song.

The dough began to grow on yeast. It grows all above and above up to the clouds.
- Now your turn - has told the moon to the sun - it Is time to bakee a pie.
Solar beams in one mighty beam have gathered and began to burn
Pie. Oh, what aroma has gone all over the world. People from all ends also run to look at a miracle a pie.
Has gathered to people probably it is invisible. The sun лучиком has cut with the a pie on slices. The sumptuous feast also began.

If you the friend, will see in the sky in the afternoon the moon, know, that somewhere
печется a huge pie. Look, do not yawn, be not late to try

August, 14 1991г. Sergey Mihajlov.

Fairy tale № 002


In one apartment except for people cockroaches lived. At night they got out of the secluded places in searches of food. On a table, on a floor, they found crumbs of bread, a droplet разлитого soup.
Once in midnight when cockroaches ate a slice of cottage cheese, закатившегося for a table, they have heard loud: "Бах", and then thin: "Пи-пи-»?". Cockroaches have crept to look, that there пищит and have seen a huge animal which tail was pinched железякой. This was a mousy. For us people she(it) small, and for cockroaches she(it) huge-преогромная.
The mousy of cockroaches has seen and speaks:
- Таракашечки, букашечки, descend(go), somebody in that mink call my mummy, she(it) will help me to get out of a mousetrap.
Cockroaches began to confer. One speaks:
- If this animal such big, what his(its) mum? I am afraid. Another speaks:
- We shall release her(it), and she(it) of all of us съест. I am afraid. The third speaks:
- And even if and not съест us, съест our meal. And the fourth has told:
- There is nothing us to rescue her(it). The owner of an apartment will kill her(it) and will cease to hide food on the top shelf.
Also cockroaches have decided to not help a mousy.
In the morning girl Julja has seen мышонка and has cried:
- And - a-a-a. Here the mouse!
Daddy has come running and has told:
- Be not afraid, she(it) does not bite. She(it) absolutely small. Daddy has released(exempted) a tail of a mousy. Has taken a mousy in a hand and has shown a daughter. Юля has stroked her(it) пальчиком on the head, on спинке. Her(it) шерстка was smooth, warm, and eyes such scared, such compassionate, that when daddy has gathered, was to leave on street, Юля has cried:
- Do not kill her(it), do not kill.
- I simply shall let out her(it).
Father has answered.
Юле so it was a pity a mousy, that she(it) began to persuade daddy to give it(her) мышонка.
What pleasure. Daddy has agreed. And mum has given Юле a box for a small house мышонка.
First Юля has bandaged to a mousy хвостик, then in one corner of a box she(it) has made for мышонка мягонькую постельку with a small small pillow and small одеяльцем.
The mousy has gone to bed and has on the spot fallen asleep. She(it) felt like near to Юлей cosy. When the mousy has woken up, Юля has put about it(her) small мисочку. Then Юля has asked for mum a little sausage and cheese. Finely them has cut, has added a little сметанки and has put in мисочку мышонка.
August, 14, 1991.

Fairy tale № 003


The girl has gone to a room and has seen the butterfly at a window. She(it) was fantastic beauty. Крылышки as - as if waves of the blue sea, short moustaches as two rainbows, eyes as emerald камушки on the sun.
The girl has stretched a hand, but the butterfly вспорхнула and began to beat about glass. The girl wanted to push her(it) to a window leaf that she(it) could take off, but the butterfly was frightened and has risen above. The girl could not get her(it) in any way. The girl has climbed on a chair and all the same could not reach the butterfly.
- Fly to the right, there the open window leaf - odered about the girl, but the butterfly continued to beat about glass.
- I know as you to help! - the girl has suddenly exclaimed. - I подтолкну you a ruler.
The girl began to search for a ruler, but could not find her(it) in any way. - Where she(it) has got to? - she(it) thought. - I did(made) of it(her) a swing. Swung a bear and зайчика. And where I have put her(it)?
On a shelf of her(it) was not, under a sofa of her(it) was not.
The girl has decided to make a stick of cubes of the designer and her(it) to push the butterfly. She(it) attached one cube to another and the stick помаленьку grew. Work was difficult, the girl is imperceptibly tired. She(it) прилегла on a carpet, has closed eyes, and suddenly it seemed to it(her), that she(it) became the butterfly, same beautiful, as well as that butterfly, that at a window. The girl has departed to it(her).
- What we beautiful with you. What at us крылышки, what eyes - were told by the girl to the butterfly.
- Эх, lovely подружка. There is no pleasure from beauty, when in bondage. In any way I can not get on the favourite bed - the butterfly answered the girl.
- I of you освобожу! Fly with me - the girl has told and has departed to an open window leaf.
- At last I on freedom - have told the butterfly.
- We shall depart faster to a bed, I so have got hungry.
On a bed there were many colors. And Незабудки, and Pansies, and many blue Handbells.
- I most of all love nectar of Handbells - she(it) has told and has dexterously grasped petals of the declined flower.
- Handbells always have nectar therefore - what not each butterfly can get it(him). It is necessary to hang downwards крылышками. Try nectar of that Handbell.
The girl has tried to catch petals, but was not kept and having slid off, has not got confused nearly in a grass.
- Anything, you will learn! And now I shall show you полянку on which we dance.
The butterfly with the girl have departed through the house on small полянку between prickly bushes.
- Oh, as it is a lot of colors! - the girl has exclaimed and was going to sit on one of orange цветков as it(he) has waved крылышками and has departed.
All flowers time have risen in air and girls began to be turned around. It were butterflies. They executed any dance. The girl began to search for the familiar butterfly, but circle was so much flitting butterflies, as snowflakes in a snowfall.
Here the girl also has woken up. She(it) has looked at a window. Butterflies were not.
- Probably, I have really turned to the butterfly and have helped it(her) to take off from a room. As well. Now the butterfly will drink nectar on the favourite bed and to dance on wonderful полянке - the girl has thought.

August, 15, 1991. Sergey Mihajlov.

I shall be glad, if my creativity to like your children, or you, for plots of cartoon films, films, performances. I shall spread whenever possible fairy tales on a site.
January, 10, 2004.

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