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For 1991 I have composed 365 fairy tales. It was some kind of experiment - whether I can compose per day on a fairy tale.

I shall be glad, if my creativity to like your children, and those who writes scripts for cartoon films, films, children's holidays, сomputer games.

February, 6, 2004.


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004-009 english

010-014 english



Fairy tale # 010


Black, black, black, black.
Black, black, black, black.
Black, black, black, white.
Black, black, black, grey.

Black, black, grey, grey.
Black, grey, black, grey.
Grey, grey, grey, grey.
Black, grey, grey, grey.

Grey, grey, grey, grey.
Black, grey, black, grey.
Grey, grey, grey, grey.
Grey, grey, grey, white.

Grey, white, grey, white.
Grey, black, grey, white.
Grey, white, grey, black.
Grey, white, grey, white.

Grey, white, white, white.
White, white, white, white.
White, white, white, white.
White, white, white, red.

Red, yellow, blue.
And оран-же-вый.
Green, dark blue, blue.

LADIES, I shall not GIVE.

It is a pity, it is a pity, it is a pity.
I shall not give, I shall not give, I shall not give.
It is a pity, it is a pity, it is a pity.
Ladies, I shall not give.

I shall not give, I shall not give, I shall not give, I shall not give.
It is a pity, I shall not give.
I shall not give, I shall not give, I shall not give, I shall not give.
Ladies, I shall not give.

Ladies, I shall not give, ladies, I shall not give.
It is a pity you see, I shall not give.
Ladies, I shall not give, ladies, I shall not give.
Ladies, ladies, ladies.

August, 26, 1991 Sergey Mihajlov.


At a bicycle was звоночек with cheerful звонким голоском: " Дзинь, дзинь, разойдись! Дзинь, дзинь, разойдись! "
Звоночек was attached to I taxi винтиком and a nut. The nut was ordinary, iron, and винтик gold.
For the time being they held звоночек strong. But here is how that the bicycle has got wet, and the nut began to rust. Has become angry винтик and speaks:
- You to me not pair. I gold, and you simple. I do not want to be with you. I shall be turned off from you. I shall find other nut, gold which does not rust.
- Винтик, think, but if we shall be unscrewed, звоночек will fall. - Speaks гаечка.
- And I was bothered with this bell. All « Дзинь, дзинь, разойдись », Give unscrew. - Has flared up винтик.
As the nut did not try but dissuade винтик could not. It was unscrewed and have three together departed downwards.
Has started moving винтик in a grass that it(him) have not found, but has not had time. Пальчики it(him) have seized and have again fastened to it(him) a nut. That they were not unscrewed, пальчики have fastened other nut, but not simple, but gold.
Has exclaimed винтик:
- As I am glad. At last at me гаечка which will never rust.
Gold гаечка too it is pleased. Long she(it) searched such винтик and, at last, has found.
But did not begin to keep from it звоночек more strong. Gold винтик and гаечка everyone are whispered, laugh, and the iron nut cries from burning and rusts.
Once the bicycle has run aground on бугорок and: " Дзинь, трах-та-ра-рах ". Звоночек has fallen.
Gold винтик and a nut faster in a grass, and simple гаечка to звоночку. Have picked up her(it) пальчики, have looked in a box and have found another винтик, not gold, but idle time. Have fastened пальчики them to each other.
Again runs on pathes a bicycle and calls:
- Дзинь, дзинь, разойдись.
Дзинь, дзинь, разойдись.
Good has stolen up гаечке винтик. Strong they held the friend for дружку.

August, 26, 1991. Sergey Mihajlov.

Fairy tale № 011


In one grove two grew боровичка and pale поганка. Mushroom pickers were very much pleased боровичкам. They have cut off them and put in a basket. And poisonous поганку knocked down a leg.
Oh, as envied pale поганка боровичкам as was angry with them, but nothing could make.
Somehow by it(her) king of small, white worms crawled. Pale поганка to it(him) speaks:
- I of you отравлю if not you will execute my order!
- Well you, that you, I shall execute any your order - king of worms has told.
- Force the worms is these боровичков - has told поганка.
- Ой, that you, that you. Only not it. We with them have agreed to live amicably.
- Ah, so, then look, a drop of poison you will bathe in it(her) now.
- Well you, that you. I have joked. I now shall execute your request.
Worms were very obedient. That king will tell them, they and do(make). They have spread to боровичкам.
Speaks then pale поганка:
- Эй, боровички! If want, that worms of you did not eat, address to me, for a poisonous inoculation.
One was frightened of worms боровичок and speaks:
- Inoculate me, I am afraid of worms.
Another боровичок speaks:
- Never I shall take part your poison, never.
- Well you - began to persuade his(its) another боровичок. - All the same you will be not edible as well as I.
- While I young and at me am forces, I shall struggle with worms - it(he) has answered.
And two grow боровичка beside. When mushroom pickers find, срезают both, but soon throw out poisonous and put in a basket edible.

August, 26, 1991. Sergey Mihajlov.



One boy has presented the girl an air ball on which has written a felt-tip pen: « I love you »
The girl has left to take a walk and has taken with itself an air ball, but to a ball all time adhered would not be desirable to be. It(he) has decided to depart from the girl. Has escaped and has departed in the sky.
The girl has called the pigeon with whom frequently fed with grain crumbs and has asked it(him) to catch up a ball. The pigeon has flied up, has seized a ball for ниточку and has brought to his(its) girl.
She(it) has not had time to take it(him) as the ball has jumped in речку. Is floating and is pleased, that has escaped. The girl has thought up as it(him) to get. To a stick has adhered a thread. A stick has thrown on other coast. The thread has stretched and has detained a ball.
She(it) has taken it(him) in hands, and it(he) wet, has slipped out and has departed to a nettle. Thinks: " From here she(it) will not get me to be stung. "
The girl has extended a sleeve of a jacket, has closed them пальчики, has moved apart a nettle and has got a ball.
Beside the boy on a bicycle passed. The ball has escaped and hooked ниточкой for a bicycle.
The girl runs, and can not catch up. The boy teases, passes directly before its(her) nose.
The girl has decided to use cunning. Began to draw something мелом on asphalt.
- What you draw? - the boy shouts.
- You I draw with a nose as at a woodpecker, with ears as at the elephant.
- Stop! - the boy has cried, tears from a bicycle began to erase drawn, and the girl has untied a ball.
Past the cat ran. The sphere has slipped out and has become attached to a cat to a tail.
The cat was frightened and has climbed on a tree together with a ball.
- Now the girl of me precisely will not get - the ball has thought.
The girl has called the boy. Полез it(he) on a tree to release(exempt) a cat. The sphere has seen it, was unhooked and has departed to bushes. Searches, the girl searches for a ball, and can not find. Then she(it) has called guys from all court yard. All of them together have started to search. Have found.
The ball has again escaped and закатился in a dark cellar. Guys there are afraid to come. What to do(make)? The boy has guessed. It(he) has taken a box, has risen on him(it) and has included light.
Again a ball in hands of the mistress. Of disappointment has decided a ball to die. Has escaped and skips on beaten glasses. Just about will burst. His(its) girl has seized and has untied ниточку.
- Now not лопнешь - she(it) has told and has put a ball in a pocket.


The girl home, надула a ball and that it(he) has not departed has come, has closed a window.
- Time I can not escape, I shall harm! - has solved a ball.
The girl has constructed of cubes a palace with three towers and has run on kitchen to call mum that also she(it) has looked. Has come, and the tower is destroyed.
- Ah, so! - the girl then I shall attach you to a chair has become angry. And has made.
Has corrected a tower and has again gone for mum. Comes and sees. A vase on a floor, and towers are destroyed.
That a sphere any more столкнул a vase, the girl has made a thread absolutely short and began to build a tower again.
Suddenly hears: "тр-O-O-O-O-O" - an opposite sound, yes such, that though ears stop up. It is a sphere it began to be rubed by side about a carpet, that hung on a wall to tease the girl.
- Ah so, then sit in loneliness - the girl has told, has put a chair with a ball on middle of a room and has gone to walk.


The chair was necessary for mum on kitchen. She(it) has taken it(him) together with a ball from a room. She(it) prepares for pancakes and suddenly hears: " the Scratch, a scratch " - has turned anybody. Again: " " - mum who creaks began to search for the Scratch, a scratch, and has overlooked about pancakes on a plate. They have burnt slightly, yes so, that the smoke has gone. Mum has opened a window leaf, and the ball has collected all forces, has pulled for ниточку, has torn her(it) and has taken off on street.
- Look, look, the ball flies - have cried guys. Solar лучик has illuminated pink бочек. The girl looked at a departing ball, and from its(her) eyes слезились teardrops. The girl has whispered: « Love if you are on light, make so that the ball has returned to me ». And the ball rose all above and above, has turned to a point and has disappeared.

New life of a ball.

The girl collected flowers to twist from them a wreath. When she(it) has bent behind a cornflower, suddenly to it(her) on a hand directly from the sky the bursted ball has fallen. It was its(her) ball, a ball which has departed from it(her), having carried away with myself of a word, « I love you ». From the bursted ball, the girl has made three small balls and has intertwined with them in a wreath and надела it(him) on a head.

One more ball.

Other boy has approached to the girl. In hands at him(it) the huge red sphere on which large letters wrote words was: « I Love you ».
Is to you! - the boy Has told and has stretched a ball. The girl has taken a ball. The wind has suddenly pulled out a ball from hands of the girl and has rushed it(him) on a path. But the girl has not run behind it(him), she(it) has turned and has gone the road.

August, 26, 1991. Sergey Mihajlov.

Fairy tale # 012


In the morning a swing have woken up in bad mood. Dripped дождик, was сыро and it is cold.
- Probably anybody today will not come to be shaken - a swing have thought.
- Shake on - a-?, shake on - a-? - have asked звонкие a droplet. Have shaken their swing.
When дождик it was terminated, the sparrow has arrived(flied) and has chirped: " shake, shake, shake, shake ".
Have shaken their swing. The grandmother with the grand daughter has approached.
- Shake me the grandmother - the grand daughter Has asked. The girl small and a swing swung her(it) very cautiously.
There came boys.
- Эх, we shall now be shaken! - they and so highly were shook have told, that a swing began to grumble:
- Highly - about, very highly. Highly - about, very highly.
- At last have left. Though it is a little отдохну - a swing have thought. It was very good. The sun warmed, the breeze slightly shook them, and a swing silently muttered:
- I sleep - ?-?, I sleep - ?-?, I sleep - ?-?, I sleep - ?-?.
- Ой, ой who is heavy sat on me - have told a swing спросонья.
- Yes it I Петя. You that have overlooked, when I was small, you frequently swung me. I have agreed here with the girl to meet. You will not become angry, if I легонько shall be shaken - the guy has told.
- I do not become angry - O-O-сь, I do not become angry - O-O-сь.
Long the guy shook, but and has not waited girls. Has left. Can be not at that swing of her(it) waited.
Two girls have come running and began to shake together, and a swing echo:
- Ве-е-е-село, ве-е-е-село.
There has come(stepped) evening. Began to darken. The cat has come.
- Мя-я-у. - she(it) has told and has jumped on a swing.
- Мяу - a swing have answered.
- Мя-я-у, мя-я-у. - the cat sings.
- Мяу, мяу. - a swing echo.
The cat left. There was swing one. Around silently, silently, silently, silently. Good - «-«.
- Stars, the moon, let's be shaken - have told a swing and began to sing very quietly:
- That - a-a-¬, that - a-a-¬.
Swing shook, shook and have fallen asleep. Tomorrow again to wake up and for work.
August, 27, 1991. Sergey Mihajlov.

Fairy tale # 013


Has constructed лисенок an autumn the house.
- What for you to yourself have constructed the house? - his(its) hare has asked. You have nobody to be afraid.
- So you see soon colds настанут, and in the house to me it will be warm.
- Coldly? Ха-ха-ха. What you лисенок silly.
- Зайчоное, and unless you do not see, that the sun all is lower, that the sun is ever less in the sky is, it(him) лучики ever less ground heat.
- Yes and here the sun. A cold from water. When of it(her) you get out, then and it is cold.
Did not begin лисенок to argue with зайчонком.
There has come(stepped) winter. Зайчик began to mould a palace from snow. All winter it(he) tried and has turned out a palace of unusual beauty. With a figured fence and high towers.
In a palace he(it) had many different ornaments from snow and ice. Only one stool wooden.
The hare лисенка has called and speaks:
- Look, what palace, not that your house.
- Very beautifully - has told лисенок, only soon all this will thaw from heat, you see the sun every day all rises above, all is longer in the sky is, лучики all more strongly the ground warm it(him).
- And here the sun! Warmly then, when you will be run and напрыгаешься, and how many I do not run a palace does not thaw.
Did not begin лисенок to argue.
There has come(stepped) spring. In the days when the sun burnt, the palace began to thaw, but зайчонок persistently thought, that it(he) can be rescued. At night, when coldly, it(he) again repaired it(him).
But circle already all snow has thawn, on glades the grass has turned green, florets began to be dismissed. There was one palace зайчика. Somehow all night the hare worked. Dragged from a dark wood snow and repaired a palace, yes so it is tired, that has strong, strong fallen asleep in a palace.
Highly has risen in the afternoon the sun in the pure(clean) sky, yes so припекло, that the palace began to thaw quickly, turning in a streamlet. Has carried away a streamlet together with itself sleeping зайчика in речку. Has woken up in water and shouts: " to Tone, tone "
It is good, that the stool at him(it) was wooden. It was seized by him(it), only and it was rescued.
August, 27, 1991. Sergey Mihajlov.


There was not to the ground a high mountain. Such high, that got up to clouds. Clouds became angry, that she(it) prevents them to fly on the sky, and have decided to destroy her(it).
They have gathered in the big cloud, have flown up to mountain and have struck its(her) lightning. The mountain on huge blocks was disorganized.
- I the biggest, therefore I shall be the most important - one of blocks has told. - there Is no I, the biggest, is not present I, there is no I - she(it) has heard from different directions. Sees to it(her) rushes глыбища, wants her(it) to strike and it was set to it(her) towards to prove the superiority(championship).
They have hit the friend about дружку and have broken up everyone half-and-half.
- I the sharpest! - has told one splinter. - Is not present, I the sharpest, was not present I, there is no I - it(he) has heard from different directions. There were they драться and have broken up on stones is smaller.
- I the most beautiful! - has told one stone - there Is no I, the most beautiful, there is no I, there is no I - it(he) has heard from different directions. They have flown the friend on дружку and have broken up on small камушки.
- I the smallest! - has told one камушек. - there Is no I, the smallest, there is no I, there is no I - it(he) has heard from different directions. They have flown the friend on дружку. Дрались, дрались but what were such and have remained, it is visible силенок a little to break up.
Has seen one камушек, that from fight at him(it) sharp corners have ground off, it(he) and speaks:
- I can make so, that I shall begin the most round.
It(he) has asked another камушек потереться about his(its) sharp corners. That has agreed. They also began to be rubed the friend about the friend.
It was pleasant to anothers камушкам. They to themselves began to search for a pair and to be rubed the friend about дружку.
Long got used and so have got used to each other that when became absolutely smooth have not wanted to leave. They the friend дружке have drawn eyes, ротик, носик. Have attached legs, handles and have gone in pairs to travel on light.
August, 27, 1991. Sergey Mihajlov.

Fairy tale # 014


The fly rushed on a room, жи-и-и-к. On a corridor, жи-и-и-к. Flied on kitchen, жи-и-и-к. Быстренько ate and again жи-и-и-к, on a corridor.
It is tired and sat on a mirror.
- What I beautiful! - she(it) has told and has corrected крылышки. - What at me thin graceful legs, they are able to dance any dance. What at me the big eyes. They are poured by nacre. And as I fly, ah as dexterously I fly - And here the fly has seen, that in an armchair the man sits.
- I shall show it(him) as beautifully I fly - the fly and жи-и-и-к has told, has flown by above an ear by a nose.
- About! It(he) has given to me up as a bad job. Has probably noticed - the fly, and again, жи-и-и-к was delighted.
- Oh, oh, as hurt. It(he) wanted me to stroke, but I you see such fragile. It is necessary to it(him) to show what gentle legs at me, крылышки. I shall sit more close to his(its) eyes, let it(he) will consider me.
Жи-и-и-к, also sat on a nose.
- It(he) has noded a head. I like it(him). No, it(he) loves me. I too shall tell, that I love it(him). I shall tell to it(him) about it directly on an ear - the fly and жи-и-и-и, жу-у-у-у, жи-и-и-и, жу-у-у-у has decided. Began to fly above an ear.
- It(he) wants to catch me in a hand. Probably, it(he) wants to marry me. Not so soon I shall agree. I still shall torment it(him) the love. I to his(its) kiss and it(he) will lose a head - the fly has told and sat on a lip.
- It(he) has blown, it(he) makes advances to me, the mischievous person. I have subdued it(him), it(he) without me can not live. It(he) has gone on kitchen. Probably, will bring to me an entertainment.
What for it(he) bears(carries) a towel. There can be it a wedding gift? It(he) rushes for me with this towel.
Фи, such cheap gift, it(he) underestimates me. The fly has told and has taken off for a window. To its(her) happiness it was open.

August, 29, 1991 8 hours. Sergey Mihajlov.

I shall be glad, if my creativity to like your children, and those who writes scripts for cartoon films, films, children's holidays, сomputer games.

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