The picture helps to overcome obstacles

The picture helps to overcome obstacles

Computer translation from Russian.

For 1991 I have composed 365 fairy tales. It was some kind of experiment - whether I can compose per day on a fairy tale.

I shall be glad, if my creativity to like your children, and those who writes scripts for cartoon films, films, children's holidays, сomputer games.

January, 24, 2004.


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Fairy tale № 004


In one court yard the homeless cat lived. Chased pigeons, sparrows, climbed on мусорникам. Probably, it(he) and would remain a simple imperceptible cat, if not one case.
It(he) sits somehow in the middle of a court yard, and past there is a boy and conducts on поводке the huge sheep-dog.
- The dog on поводке is not terrible. - the cat has thought, but has just in case curved a back, has lifted a tail.
The sheep-dog has rushed on a cat and has pulled out поводок from hands of the boy. The cat from a fright has rushed on the sheep-dog and, цап, its(her) когтистой a paw on a muzzle. The sheep-dog has become puzzled, and the cat on has flowed away, and прыг on a birch.
The sheep-dog can not get a cat, only barks задрав a head.
- Anybody to me now is not terrible - the cat has thought, you see I to the sheep-dog have scratched a muzzle.
Since then did not begin dogs of rest. As the cat will see a dog, runs up to it(her), цап her(it) on a muzzle claws and run to a birch. Will climb on it(her) and chuckles to itself at moustaches, looking downwards on a barking dog. Dogs have ceased to come into this court yard. The cat has become proud and has decided to try the force on guys.
There is somehow a boy from school, the cat has jumped from a tree to it(him) on a shoulder, and is loud. The boy for fear has stopped a portofolio and has given деру, thought, that the lynx has attacked him(it).
Have decided to catch and flog boys a cat, but for him(it) it was entered Петька - the Squabbler. It(he) liked a cat. It(he) has told guys: " who will offend a cat, I shall beat that ".
Have ceased to play guys this court yard, are afraid of a cat, and the cat, from it, has absolutely become impudent. Has decided, that can and with adults will consult(cope).
There is somehow a grandmother with bags. The cat as will jump out, yes as will run aground on it(her), yes as will shout... Bags at the grandmother got. And she(it) runs and shouts.
And the cat has run up to a bag, has taken a piece of cheese and наутек. It(he) so liked fresh cheese, that it(he) since then has decided to not climb on мусорникам and to extract to itself(himself) food robbery.
There was no rest to poor old women. The cat attacked them and selected that cheese, sausage, a fish.
It is not known as this disgrace, if not one case long would proceed:
The cat dropped out of a jack вороненка has seen somehow and began to chase it(him). Only feathers around fly. But here from trees on a cat обрушалась the whole cloud a raven also let's it(him) peck. The cat and наутек to a saving tree was frightened.
Ravens and here from him(it) do not lag behind, and the cat climbs all above and above. So it(he) залез on the top of a birch. The top has bent, and the cat has hung on it(her) headfirst. Neither forward, nor back can not clamber. One superfluous movement also will depart downwards.
And ravens do not lag behind. Both peck, and scratch the cat - squabbler to paws. Have sat on next ветки and began to croak in all throat: " So to you, so to you ".
Has darkened. Ravens have departed, and the cat has remained to hang on ветке and plaintively to mew.
It(he) mewed all night, let's inhabitants sleep. And have tried guys in the morning to climb on a tree and to remove(take off) a cat, yes could not, ветки above thin, it is possible to be broken and fall. Only in the afternoon when there has arrived the fire machine on which daddy Пети - Squabblers worked, a cat have removed(taken off) from a tree.
The boy has allowed to take to daddy the cat - squabbler home, and it(he) began to live at them - to live and milk to drink up.
August, 18. Sergey Mihajlov.

Fairy tale № 005


- How many years live on light, and never sunrise saw - has thought ежонок and has decided to go to the big lake from which coast it is far visible.
There was it(he) very much early when the star and the moon still(even) shined. There is it(he) on a footpath and sees, that with each minute all becomes darkest. A footpath already to not see a lot at all. It(he) has looked at the sky, neither stars, nor the moon on it(him) is not present, and by circle is heard кап, кап, кап - began дождик.
- Probably, the sun does not want, that I met it(him). I shall go back - has decided ежонок.
- Where it you go so early? - it(he) has suddenly heard голосочек зайчонка.
- Yes has gathered, was to look at sunrise, yes unless it(him) in such weather you will see, I go home to examine dreams - has answered ежонок.
Is you are healthy has thought up to look at sunrise. How many I live, and never sunrise saw. Дождик it will soon be terminated, turn, have passed together to meet sunrise.
There are two of them, go, and the rain all amplifies.
- Probably the sun does not want that we met his(its) rising - have thought ежонок with зайчонком and have decided to go back, but here have heard a voice blind лисенка.
- Who it goes on a footpath?
Are we, зайчонок with ежонком, were going to look sunrise, and clouds have closed all sky. It is necessary to us to go back.
- Anything that clouds, anything that дождик. The sun ascends and in the most bad weather. Идемте together. If you also will not see as the sun all the same will feel ascends - has told лисенок and зверята have gone to lake.
The lake has met зверят noise of drops falling on him(it). Any hope to see sunrise at animals was not. They have risen about a coast, have closed eyes and have tried to feel, when the sun will rise above the ground.
Зверята have not noticed, how the rain has stopped, clouds have thawn. The beam of a rising sun has illuminated their persons, зверята have opened eyes.
- I see. I see the sun. Зайчонок, ежонок, I see the sun!!! And so what it... - spoke лисенок, and from his(its) eyes tears of happiness flew.
Зверята have on the spot started to play догонялки, in прятки, in those games in which лисенок could not play because of blindness in any way earlier. They ran on a wood and squealed with happiness, not noticing, that go deep into a dark wood.
- Ой, where it we? - has suddenly told лисенок.
Animals have looked back. The circle stood black trees without leaves. Their clumsy branches came to an end sharp claws and in each tree was huge a дупло-mouth in which a sharp teeth were seen.
- We were gone. We in a wood of the bewitched trees - has told зайчонок. And after his(its) words trees have come to life. Their branches began to come nearer to зверятам, tried to hook their claws.
- I heard from this wood nobody left alive. The black cloud prevented them to escape. We leave faster from here.
Has told лисенок. And after his(its) words a cloud which hung above a wood, the beginnings to blacken.
- Ah, what for I began зрячим? - has begun to sob лисенок. - to see, how these awful trees will scratch us the claws and will eat?
Branches of trees tried to seize зверят. They loudly creaked, when reached for the victim. With each minute all became darkest and darkest, and to guys there was all to turn aside more difficultly from веток.
- But you see the sun взошло! - loudly also is surprised has told ежонок. - it shines(covers) now all ground and this wood. It is necessary to it(him) to help to make the way through this black cloud:
- " The Sun appear! " - the hedgehog has shouted.
- The sun appear! - have shouted зайчонок and лисенок.
After these words когтистые branches have stood. They as though were frightened.
- Сол-ныш-ко on - n-вись! - shouted зверята.
And the middle of a cloud has brightened up. The speck of light grew, grew and suddenly, the bright solar beam has illuminated ugly trees. Their disgusting clumsy branches began to turn to shaggy, black birds who with terrible shout flied up and disappeared in black обрывках clouds, and trees began to turn in usual a pine, a fur-trees, a birch.
So day began from three amicable зверят.

August, 19, 1991.

Fairy tale № 006


Veins the wizard was, and things at him(it) too were magic, for example boots. The wizard from street will come will put boots on ковричек and is engaged in the affairs. Here boots also come to life. They have thin handles. At first, boots pull out шнурки, and they at the wizard always were white. Then put them in a tray with water, fall asleep there a detergent powder and erase. While шнурки dry, boots take brushes and start to clean themselves and each other. Are spread on shoe polish, are pounded up to shine velvet тряпочкой. After that iron шнурки small утюжком and pass them back in boots.
Not always there were boots such. Earlier they were the ordinariest, but the wizard has learned them to look after itself and now they at him(it) the purest(cleanest), the most brilliant with surprisingly white, поглаженными шнурками.
Once there was a wizard on a market to buy at the old woman lunar травки for magic ointment. Has bought травку, goes back and hears: " buy boots, it is absolutely inexpensive ". The wizard at мужичка asks:
- Why so cheaply such good boots you sell?
- Yes because they растеряшные, шнурки lose all time. Each day should them new be bought.
- And what for мужичек you speak about it, you see at you nobody will buy растеряшные boots - the wizard has asked.
- And then, that the buyer did not hold evil on me when home without шнурков will come.
The answer мужичка has liked the wizard, it(he) at him(it) has bought boots. In a booth has bought the most expensive(dear), the most white шнурки and has gone home.
Five kids go and sees the crying woman, and near it(her).
- Whether I can help? - the wizard asks.
- Yes who will help me? Look at legs of these сорванцов. Again they went on dirty pools and again I should clear their boots, and at me and so has put not in проворот.
- Not горюйте. Take my magic boots. When will come home put dirty boots of the деток around of them. To morning boots will learn to clean themselves.
- The wizard has given boots, has dressed bought, has fastened strong firmly шнурки and has gone home. Comes, глядь and шнурков that is not present. The wizard has become angry, abuses boots:
- You have lost шнурки, you and to find them should. Go on street. Only with one to you I shall help. Magic сверлышко. It will help you to pass through any obstacle. Go and without шнурков do not come back - the wizard has strictly ordered, has put сверлышко in the right boot, and itself got on печку to sleep.
Boots on street have left and have amicably laughed:
- Well and дурачок this wizard, it(he) thinks, that we shall return to it(him) to study шнурки to iron. Ха-ха-ха-ха. And with magic сверлышком we never shall be gone.
All day boots, and towards evening when began to darken walked, they have got under a bench to have a sleep. Only the sweet sleepiness began to overcome them as they have heard:
- Boots roll. Any растеряха them has lost. They suffice, we shall attribute(relate) them to us in a cave.
Here two ghosts similar to two white cloths have flown up to them. Boots have turned in themselves and have departed.
So they appeared in a cave where ghosts чистюли live. At night they fly on city, search for that people have lost and carry to themselves in a cave that in city it was clean.
For each thing in a cave there was a room. In one room there was a safe. There collected all lost money. In other room there was a case for keys.
- Where at us a room with the lost boots? - have asked ghosts the main ghost.
Boots have begun to cry:
- Yes we were not lost, not lost.
The owner has sent us шнурки to search.
- Well time so conduct them in a department шнурков, let they will find the шнурки and are sent home - has told the main ghost.
Ghosts have allocated(removed) them in the fifth underground in a department шнурков. There there were two cases. In one dark шнурки in the friend light. Began to dig, search for boots the шнурки. At last have found and have passed in boots.
Ghosts have resulted them in an output(exit) from a cave and have shown, on what footpaths him(it) to go to get to the wizard.
But boots to the wizard did not want to go, did not want to study to iron шнурки. There were they on itself узенькой to a footpath that less ghosts met for their way.
All day they went. There has come(stepped) evening. Boots where them(him,it) to spend the night that ghosts чистюли have not noticed them began to think. See a tree. Ask:
- Tell, where here nearby it is possible to spend the night?
- There, behind a bog there is a cave. Someone lives in it(her). The tree has answered.
- And who there lives? - have asked boots.
- I do not know. And you ask a grass behind a bog, she(it) precisely knows, who lives in a cave.
From a hummock on a hummock boots jump. Make the way to a cave. They came absolutely close and have felt terrible fear. Have decided to ask a grass who lives in a cave. The dead grass, a dried grass look, and circle only, she(it) can not speak.
And suddenly the ghost similar to a black blanket whence has appeared, has twirled around of boots and has brought them in a cave.
In this cave greedy, malicious ghosts lived. They выкрадывали at people also hid money in a black underground.
- About! What expensive(dear) boots, what expensive(dear) шнурки. Has told the main ghost. - your owner, probably, very rich person. Tell where it(he) lives also we of you we shall release(let off).
But boots were silent.
- Ah, so! Then allocate(remove) them in an ice underground - the main ghost has ordered.
Oh, as it was cold to stand on an ice floor, but boots were silent.
- Allocate(remove) them in a hot underground. There they precisely will start talking - has cried the main ghost.
Oh, as it was hurt to stand on a hot floor, but boots suffered(bore) and silent.
- Then throw them to a hungry rat on растерзание - the senior ghost has ordered.
The rat slept, when boots have stopped in its(her) den. From noise she(it) has woken up and began is lazy to open the huge mouth with the big sharp teeth. And here the left boot has recollected about magic сверлышко. It(he) has pulled out it(him) from the right boot and has seen on it(him) a sparkling button. Has pressed. Сверлышко began to grow in thickness. Then it suddenly began бешено to rotate and run into a wall doing(making) in it(her) a tunnel.
Boots have rushed behind a drill. A rat behind them, but the right boot has struck on a wall of a tunnel. She(it) has fallen, blocking a way to a rat.
Long boots on a tunnel while suddenly have not got out from печки on which the wizard still slept made the way.
Boots were delighted, that have got in the warm cosy house. They began to tickle the wizard for пятки.
- Who it tickles mine пятки? - the wizard has told, having woken up.
Are we, your boots. We have found шнурки, the truth they dirty began. Give us a tray and утюжки we shall wash them and we shall stroke - have told boots. For some reason it wanted to them to tinker with шнурками in water and to learn to iron.
- Well, well, only result itself in the order - the wizard has told and has given them on a brush and a tube with shoe polish.
So at the wizard new, magic boots have appeared.

August, 21, 1991. Sergey Mihajlov and the niece Rolling.

Fairy tale № 007


One king has wanted to learn to draw. It(he) has ordered to the servants to buy paints. Have brought to king ten boxes of paints. King has decided to choose best of them. It(he) has taken ten cloths and on each of them has drawn paints from any box.
In one week appeared, that paints of one box bad. Everything, that was drawn by them, in one week has turned black.
King has ordered to give these paints to the poor artist, and itself has begun to draw good paints. All praised pictures of king, they even were bought by kings of other countries.
But here is how that king was ill. The best doctors of it(him) treated, but could not cure. Have called the fortuneteller and ask: " who can cure king? " The fortuneteller of a card(map) Has spread out and speaks:
- To help recover to you can only pictures on which blue apples are drawn.
King гонцов in all parties(sides) has sent to search a picture with blue apples. Not long it was necessary to wait. The same day to it(him) have brought a picture which was drawn by the poor artist.
As soon as king has looked at blue apples, to it(him) at once it became better. But next day the picture began to blacken and soon apples became black.
Worse former king was ill. It(he) ordered to find the artist and to force to draw the same picture, but good paints. And the artist also speaks:
- Though a head cut, and what paints king has presented me, such I and shall draw.
Then king himself has drawn a picture with blue apples, but how many it(he) did not look at this picture, it became better to it(him) not.
From all light to it(him) there came artists and showed the blue apples drawn by them, but from one to it(him) it be not became better.
Dying king of the poor artist has called and speaks:
- Forgive me that I have presented you bad paints. Farewell, I do not hold on you insult.
Nothing the artist has answered. Has left, and a bit later has sent king a picture with blue apples.
King has lead(carried out) week in alarm, all waited, when apples will turn black. But they have not turned black, and king has recovered.
A lot of time has flowed away since then, and king each morning cautiously glanced at a picture, whether blue apples start to blacken.

August, 21, 1991. Sergey Mihajlov.

Fairy tale № 008


Boy Vanja very much wanted to have a kitten, but mum with daddy did not allow. Once, when Ваня played in a court yard, it(he) has seen a kitten. The kitten has on the spot turned to Van, has looked at him(it), has begun to wag хвостиком and has run up to it(him).
Ваня has taken прутик and began to drive him(it) by the ground, but the kitten did not begin to chase it(him), it(he) only looked Van in the face and silently mewed.
- It(he) probably hungry. - has thought Ваня. And the kitten on the spot began to lick lips язычком and to mew.
- Can have a meal to it(him) to bring? - deliberated Ваня. And the kitten on the spot began to be rubed about leg Вани, a pier go, go.
Goes Ваня and thinks:
- In an apartment of a kitten it is impossible to start up. If it(he) would remain about doors did not mew, and waited for me... - Looks Ваня, and the kitten has stopped also villages about doors.
- And it is good. Wait for me here. I soon shall come. - Has told Ваня and has gone to an apartment.
- You just in time. - mum Has told. - Dinner is ready. Mine hands also sit down a table.
After dinner mum has told:
- And now ложись to sleep. Then you will go to walk again.
So was upset Ваня, that has overlooked to take cheese for a kitten. Has gone to bed and is heard to it(him) in dream:
- Ваня, it I, yours котик, Васька. Do not worry, I shall wait you while you sleep.
Ваня has looked back and has seen Ваську sitting about doors. And here it(he) has recollected, that recently has hidden шоколадку in дупле a tree.
- Васька we shall go, I to you of ladies вкуснятину. Has told Ваня and has run to a tree.
Васька dexterously залез in дупло and Ваня there полез. Залез also was surprised: " as it I such big have managed here to be placed and what only in dream to not dream? "
Васька has seen шоколадку, touches a paw, does not know, that with it(her) to do(make).
- And you tear a candy wrapper коготком. - Prompts Ваня. Васька quick-witted, and has made. Sits шоколадку licks. So all also has pinched(licked off).
Has woken up Ваня and run to Ваське. So hurried up, that has again overlooked about a meal for him(it). Has left in a corridor and sees, that Васька waits for it(him). Has recollected Ваня about шоколадку has taken Ваську on hands and has run with it(him) to a tree. But in дупле there was a broken off candy wrapper.
- So means, you here already were? - has asked Ваня.
- Yes, yes. - Has shaken Васька a head and облизнулся, a pier шоколадка tasty was.
Since then Ваня with pleasure to go to bed after dinner and walks in dream with Васькой on a court yard.

August, 21, 1991 16 hour. 20 minutes Sergey Mihajlov.

Fairy tale № 009


It was very much, very much for a long time. People lived in a wood, ate корешками, hunted on animals.
In one tribe the person lived. Which called Чохотод because it(he) that wanted did(made).
Each day people went to extract корешки for food. They dug out their sharp stones. But once Чохотод has ceased to work. Something goes also searches. It(him) abuse, speak, that it(he) will not receive корешков, remain hungry. Чохотод has found suitable stick and has attached to it(her) a stone. Long мучался, but all the same has managed veins of a killed wild boar to adhere it(him).
Something has turned out like топорика. It(he) began them корешки to extract. Beats by the ground, and she(it) only in the parties(sides) scatters. It(he) has dug out one корешков for three.
- Ай yes Чохотод. - people of a tribe are surprised, ask it(him) to make and to them(him,it) same топорики. And it(he) also speaks:
- I shall not do(make). To show I shall show, and I shall not do(make).
Has learned Чохотод to do(make) топорики but after that has absolutely ceased корешки to extract, has ceased on hunting to go. Wanders on woods, on fields, to a grass sniffs, chews her(it).
And then started to plough the ground the stone axe and to put(plant) in it(her) any kernels.
- You that do(make)? What for a grass you spoil? - people of a tribe have cried. - to us will fall to hunting far to go, you see antelopes will not go on this field.
- And what for to go on hunting. - Has told Чохотод. - From these grains вырастут trees with antelopes on ветках.
People were delighted, ask, than to you to help Чохотод? And it(he) speaks: take skins, and carry in them water from the river on a field.
All summer people watered a field. An autumn wheat has grown. Has collected her(it) Чохотод and speaks:
Is and there are those antelopes.
People have tried to chew grains, but they have not liked them. Have cried on Чохотода:
- You have deceived us, we shall eat you instead of an antelope.
Was frightened Чохотод, has escaped from a tribe. Бредет it(he) on fields бредет, waits, when any idea to it(him) in a head will come. And suddenly sees a huge stone with a deepening as a bowl. It(he) has put in it(her) grains, has taken other stone and has ground him(it) a grain in a flour(torment).
Past there passed an antelope with детенышем. It(he) has caught her(it), has milked, has poured milk in a bowl and has tried that, it has turned out: " It is not tasty ". - Has told Чохотод.
Has seen a bird on a jack. It(he) from a jack has taken eggs and, having broken them, has poured their contents in a stone bowl. Has mixed, has tried:
- And it is tasteless. - Has told Чохотод. The thunder has suddenly rung out. The lightning has struck in a tree. It has lit up and has fallen about a stone bowl. When the tree has become tanned. Чохотод has approached to a bowl: " About! What smell! It should be tasty ". Has tried Чохотод and has told: " As wonderfully. It is necessary to treat fellow tribesmen ". There was it(he) to them with this entertainment.
People have tried a new dish and have told:
- Do(make) Чохотод that you want, you see that you do(make) all, to us on advantage(benefit) goes.

August, 21, 1991 Sergey Mihajlov.

Fairy tale № 009a


Somehow in park I have typed(collected) much, желудей and have decided them to plant(put) along road. When I passed by lake has seen how the boy learns(teaches) the puppy to be floating behind a stick. Will throw a stick and shouts: " the Slang, апорт! " But the small Slang did not want to be floating behind a stick. Then the boy has adhered cookies to a stick, has given it(him) to smell to the puppy and has thrown a stick in water. The slang has floated behind a stick, has pulled out her(it) on a coast. альчик has awarded the puppy with a slice of cookies.
- What breed your puppy? - I Have asked the boy.
- The airdale. She is a service dog. I learn(teach) her(it) to carry out my commands(teams). I want, that she(it) became strong, hardy and clever.
I have wished the boy of successes and have gone to put(plant) and желуди, but there was a rain and having thrown out желуди I have hastened home.
Has passed year. In one fine solar autumn day I have gone to park. About lake I have seen many people. Something happened, I have thought, and was not mistaken. On lake there was an interesting representation. The dog floated on lake, trying to catch up ducks. Some ducks were afraid, and as soon as the dog came nearer to them on three, four meters, they flied up, and it is a little having flown by, sat on water. Ducks посмелее, felt, that the dog can not catch up them and is direct before its(her) nose sailed aside, as though teased her(it). Curious, but cautious ducks were floating for a dog, and some ducks tried even to pinch her(it) for a tail.
I thought, that the dog will swim for a while a little, устанет and soon will get out on a coast, but was mistaken. Has passed fifteen minutes, and the dog continued to chase ducks. On a coast of lake there was a girl with an air ball. Suddenly the ball has slipped out its(her) hands, and has fallen in water. The girl has begun to cry.
- A slang, апорт! - I have heard a familiar voice of the boy. The dog, having overlooked(forgotten) about ducks, has on the spot floated behind a ball. Pushing a nose a ball, she(it) has adjusted it(him) to a coast and has again rushed off for ducks.
And so to what Slangs began. The boy has constrained the word, has brought up a hardy, clever dog from the puppy. And suddenly I have recollected about avenue from oaks which was going to plant(put), but and have not planted(put).
August, 22, 1991. Sergey Mihajlov.

I shall be glad, if my creativity to like your children, and those who writes scripts for cartoon films, films, children's holidays, сomputer games.
January, 24, 2004.

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